Common Problems of Beginner Bass Players

As a lover of the bass guitar, you’ve just marched into the music store and laid out the cash for your new Fender or Gibson, Ibanez or MusicMan! You’re gonna be a real bass player! But when you get your new ax home, you discover it’s not as easy as you thought it was going to be. There’s noise on the strings, your fingers give out after only ten minutes, and your arms and shoulders are starting to hurt. So you ask yourself, “Am I doing this right?”

Here are some of the most common problems encountered by beginner Bass Players:

Incorrect Arm/Hand Positioning – if your arms and hands are not in the proper positions, you will experience pain, and possibly be heading down the path of permanent damage to your body. Correct positioning of the thumb on your fretting hand seems like a little thing, but it’s one of the most important components of playing the bass.

Poor Plucking Techniques – If you aren’t sounding your notes with the proper plucking, not only could you burn out your fingers quickly, but your notes will not sound the way they should. A drummer keeps his rhythms with drumsticks – for a bass player, it’s like playing the drums with your plucking fingers! You need discipline.

Inability to Get Clean Notes When You Press The Frets – Why do my strings buzz when I press the fret? Why do my fingers hurt when I press the frets? I can’t reach that far to hit that note!

If you’re going to play the bass well, you’re going to have to have some real structure. Developing good playing habits and techniques is paramount, and is based on your commitment to being more than the “image” of a bass player.

Whether you’ve spent a little or a lot of money on your new gear, the key to becoming a good bass player lies in the effort and dedication you put into your instrument. Being relaxed and confident, employing proper hand positioning and plucking techniques will even make your beginner music sound better and will keep you motivated to continue.

Lessons are definitely in your future, but private instructors are expensive, and it’s often very difficult to shuffle your busy schedule to make time for them.

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