Types of Bass Guitar

Six Primary Types of Bass Guitar

There are six primary types of bass guitars that are popular among musicians including the short scale, medium scale, long scale, five string long scale, the six string long scale and fretless.

Short Scale Bass

The short scale bass has an electric guitar look, and the neck is usually around thirty inches in length. It is common for the short scale bass to have four to five strings and it is great for all musical styles including rock, pop and punk. These types of bass guitars are probably less used by most musicians because they have a relatively high sound for a bass guitar. These are good guitars for kids and people with small hands, but you might have difficulty reaching lower pitched sounds with the short scale bass.

Medium Scale Bass

Medium scale bass guitars usually have a thirty two inch neck and may be more playable for some bass guitarists because there is less string shift that may lead to an off sounding pitch. It is also easier on new bass players or bass guitarists with smaller hands because the decreased string length makes it easier to play.

Long Scale Bass

Bass guitars that have a long scale usually have a neck that spans thirty-four inches. They are considered standard bass guitars and are often used by professional bass guitar players for a strong, clean sound. The long scale bass is not always comfortable for newbie’s or players with smaller hands.

 Five String Long Scale Bass

The five string long scale bass is usually thirty five inches in length is for bass guitarists who are looking to play lower notes than they can with the four string bass. Five string bass has an extra low B for hitting those really low notes that sound so hot when you are playing onstage.

Six String Long Scale Bass

Six string long scale bass guitars are in the thirty-six inch range and are for more experienced bass players. Tuning for the six string begins with the extra low B also includes E, A, D, G and middle C. The six string bass is not just made for rhythm, but is for players who really have their chops down (can shred some hot solos.)

 Fretless Bass

The fretless bass guitar will give you tonal options that you do not have with a fretted bass guitar. Because there are no frets to limit things such as pitch bending or semi-tones, your sound options are practically limitless. The technique on fretless bass is different than on the fretted. On a fretless bass you play where the frets would be, whereas on a fretted bass you play in between frets. It is often easier for players when a line indicates fret placement.

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